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Over the Christmas period Koodoo Creative got the go ahead on what will be undoubtedly a very successful web application for desktop and mobile, we couldn’t be more excited about starting the new product. Details of the system are not the discussion here, the reason for the blog post is the exciting opportunity to delve in to a new software framework. This is what gets web developers out of bed in the morning!

Now don’t get me wrong we could have quite easily built the project from a combination of PHP, jQuery and a splash of HTML and just combine all this and have a pretty good web app! But any one who is any one knows this is not the way forward for many reasons, which on this occasion I wont get in to! So we needed a framework!

So putting specs aside after a long and thoughtful scoping session (and many cups of tea) we decided upon the framework of choice. This is going to be Ember JS. Ember JS is described as a Framework for Building ambitious web applications. This is exactly what we are tying to achieve so Ember JS seems to fit the bill!

Have a look at the framework and see for your self, if you need to build a JavaScript web app with a little more ‘oomph’ this is a great choice!

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