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iPad App Shootout

Koodoo Creative love an Apple product (3 years ago saying this would feel a little wrong to me!) and by enlarge all own an iPad or some form of ‘I’ device! So when it came to deciding which app was best for web developing on an iPad with we had a discussion on our hands!

The goal was simple, we needed to be able to download and upload pages, edit HTML and have some for of code completion, code highlighting for several languages and the ability to set up and manage website projects!

At some point I will certainly blog about the finer points of each app we downloaded and tested, some had significant advantages over others (drop box integration for example) and some just got the job done!

Well out of a choice of Textastic, Gusto, Koder and Yelana,  we decided upon…. Yelana

Yelana out of the box includes

Standard features: iPad, Dropbox, Appearance options, Syntax Highlighting, Extra Keyboard row, In-document text search, Full-text file search, Char count

Special Features

  • Syntax highlighting for many languages, including Markdown
  • Auto-formatting of HTML/JS/CSS code
  • Auto-indentation of code with tabs
  • Auto-closing of XML/HTML tags
  • Code completion
  • Smart, customizable keyboard for favorite keys
  • FTP/SFTP client
  • Remote invoke Ant targets for SFTP configuration
  • Dropbox support with change history/reversion
  • Color themes
  • Directory navigation/recent files
  • Image viewer
  • Undo/Redo of changes
  • Line numbers

Yelana this is an excellent iPad app and for the reasons of FTP support, code completion, price and frequency of updates this was the perfect choice. It doesn’t get as many exposure on the internet a the rest, but for its cost I urge you to cjeck it out if you need to do any web developing / editing on the go!

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