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Koodoo Creative - Celebrating Five Years in Business

We have had an amazing time over the last seven years. We have worked with lots of different clients and have worked on some weird and wonderful projects. We would like to thank you for all your support and we are all really excited to see what the next five years will be like for Koodoo Creative… exciting times!


Koodoo Creative Was Born

The adventure began.

April 2008

The Koodoo team is growing

Koodoo was becoming an exciting agency to work with, in the North East.

August 2008

Koodoo goes global

Winning contracts from around the globe

February 2009

Koodoos first year success

After Koodoos successful first year bespoke web development became our speciality. We also became a limited company.

June 2009

Koodoos passion

We were winning exciting and bespoke projects that we felt passionate about.

January 2011

The Koodoo team is growing. Again

The team continues to grow, adding more developers to help deliver high quality projects to keep up with our outstanding support.

November 2011

Koodoo productions

We successfully won our first six figure contract, and started to build our own products.

February 2012

Koodoos million

Koodoo Creative reaches the first 1 million..... cups of tea that is.

February 2012

5 Years of Koodoo

Koodoo reaches it’s fifth year! Yipee

April 2013

Koodoo Launches First Product

We launched the product, "Mobile Rock.it" which allows companies to build and deploy their own apps.

September 2013

6 Years of Koodoo

Koodoo reaches it’s sixth year! Woohoo.

April 2014

Koodoo Invests

Koodoo makes a significant investment into the "Mobile Rock.it" brand, creating jobs and growing the business nationally.

October 2014

7 Years of Koodoo

Koodoo reaches it’s seventh year! Woop.

April 2015

We have a bright future and we look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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